CO2 Capture, Utilisation and/or Storage (CCUS) technologies are essential for the decarbonisation of industry. However, the deployment of full-chain CCUS, which must also include CO2 transport, is influenced by international, national and regional legal and regulatory frameworks. These affect the costs of CCUS so policy must be appropriately designed to financially incentivise large-scale deployment.

This policy brief therefore argues that national climate strategic targets of all countries should be aligned to the goals of the Paris Agreement, and CCUS technology should be included in the list of technological priorities together with renewables and other decarbonisation options in the national regulation of each country. Additional CCUS regulations and political incentives, as well as national, industrial and EU financial support, are needed to initiate and support large-scale CCUS projects.

This brief is geared towards policymakers at national and European Commission level, involved with designing national and international policies related to CCUS, as well as research funding organisations.

CLEANKER, C4U and REALISE CCUS projects have developed this brief with the support of the Horizon Results Booster (HRB) experts, funded under H2020.