As part of the C4U project, the use of carbon-free hydrogen to reheat metal samples has been demonstrated for the first time. The TNO STEPWISE technology is used to recover a 100 Nm3/hr carbon free hydrogen stream. This gas fuels a pilot reheating furnace to bring metal samples above 1200 ⁰C. The demonstration proves a novel approach to decarbonize steel rolling, casting and finishing. Tests are being carried out by SWERIM at its technology center in Luleå, Sweden.

The objective of the C4U project is to advance the development of carbon neutral steel making. The C4U approach brings together technology developers, industrial users and academia to accelerate the demonstration of innovative CO2 neutral solutions for all steelmaking processes, as achieved in this case. The scope of work further includes detailed analysis of the safety, environmental, societal, policy and business aspects.

In this first pilot campaign, the TNO and SWERIM teams are demonstrating the recovery carbon-free hydrogen from residual steel gases via STEPWISE technology, and its use to provide heating to steel furnaces.