Tuesday November 14th, 2023. C4U researchers presented their work at the Public Perception and Business Models Joint Event, organised by CLEANKER, CaLby2030, HERCCULES and eCOCO2 projects, and supported by CINEA.

With +20 selected Horizon projects and +50 key stakeholders in the audience, this was an outstanding opportunity to share successful strategies, real-life lessons, and key challenges for the deployment of Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS). We were delighted to have two members of our project, Dr. Vincent de Gooyert and Dr. Hannah Galbraith-Olive, presenting our findings on public perception and business models for CCUS Clusters.

To enable the adoption of CCUS in the EU, further research is needed on society’s perception of the benefits and risk-sharing of the industrial transition, as well as their trust in this process (addressing greenwashing concerns). Dr. Vincent de Gooyert presented C4U’s policy-business-social systems dynamic angle on societal acceptance, which has stood out as a unique approach to researching CCUS.


The main challenges for CCUS deployment in Europe are considered commercial, rather than technological. To address these challenges, further research is required on how to commercialise the CCUS value chain and create the appropriate drivers for CCUS adoption in industrial plants. Dr Hannah Galbraith-Olive presented C4U’s work on establishing a long-term, viable business model to drive CCUS adoption in Europe – with key insights from market, stakeholder, and scenario analysis.