Gender Dimension, Equality and Ethics Board

Raise awareness of gender imbalance and ethical concerns,

Identify reasons behind the still existing inequality,

Search for counter measures, contribute ideas,

Laugh over quick witted repartee, meet congenial individuals,

Inspire female scientists, and inclusively be inspired by others.

Who we are

As part of the C4U holistic approach, while looking at technology, societal and policy aspects of carbon mitigation, we can’t forget the role of Gender Dimension, Equality and Ethics.

We have therefore instated a dedicated board to monitor and promote the gender diversity within the Consortium and beyond!


What we try to achieve

taking advantage of existing diversity

promote inclusiveness

based on personal experience

build trust + confidence

start changes from within, for the benefit not only to us,
but for the CCUS community and other groups as well

encourage + facilitate exchange.


Our engagement so far


Dorothee Rebscher, Chair C4U GEEB

Elena Catalanotti, C4U GEEB Member

4 + 15 =