Gender Dimension, Equality and Ethics Board

Raising Awareness

Within GEEB, C4U, partners and hopefully with impact on their institutions, CCUS community, and beyond.


Concious selections of speakers, changes in management team and more.

Gender + Minority

Despite all efforts, we are still far away from a balanced representation.



E.g. listen, be available and be heard at conferences and workshops.


Recommendations at your workplace
  • be sensitive yourself, i.e. evaluate your communications, be aware of potential harm due to your own actions
  • be observed in all situations, offer support when needed
  • look for like minded people
  • join or initiate a round table for females
  • join subgroups in your institute, in case you are not comfortable to go alone, ask a colleague to participate too
  • be authentic
  • find out who are the persons in a position of trust
  • establish groups for new employees
  • take advantage of a mentor system, or become a mentor for yourself
  • find out what support networks are already in place in your institute
  • get to know your representative for women, disabled persons, minorities
  • use offers for professional development, ask for specific topics when needed, search for recommendations
  • vote for women and people form minority groups into representative groups such as staff council, boards
  • do not look away when something is wrong, don’t be silent

Links and Additional Resources

The following selection of links provides an opportunity to learn more about gender equality and how it effects society.

It also suggests practical steps to promote an inclusive environment and achieve gender balance. Suggestions and further ideas are always welcome, please contact us (either here or here).