Our Collaborators

Cooperation is essential to achieve the aims of the C4U project.

For this reason, the Consortium is actively involved in a number of activities which augment the dialogue with the relevant stakeholders as well as with other CCUS projects. These include regular meetings with external industrial partners and participation in joint technical workshops.

The C4U project benefits from the support of an experienced External Advisory Committee, comprised of 23 experts from 20 different organisations.

External Advisory Committee (EAC)

The project’s EAC provides relevant advice, support and guidance on a regular basis, through biannual meetings.

The EAC comprises of representatives of third parties for whom the project has relevance and span from industrial background to NGOs, government organizations, policy makers and research.

Some of the organizations represented in the EAC are listed below:

North Sea Port

Other CCUS Projects

Common goals can be identified by different sectors (e.g. iron and steel, cement, refineries) with respect to CCUS. Knowledge sharing between projects can have an important impact on the delivery and the quality of the results. The C4U project is currently collaborating with the following projects:

Realise Project