Participatory Activities in C4U

The C4U Project provides a number of opportunities for people local to industrial sites and interested researchers, technology developers and investors to learn about, engage with and influence the ongoing work in the project. More information will be available about these events on our events page in due course.

Site Visits

Site visits at carbon capture pilot plants will be organised, providing an opportunity to learn about the project’s work. These are targeted at both local communities as well as representatives from other industries near the site and those interested in investing in the technology.

Half-day Workshops

Half-day workshops will be conducted by partners to teach the basics of CCUS and illustrate its important role in combating the impact of climate change at schools local to each partner. The main aim of these events it to support the engagement of the schoolchildren, offering the opportunity for them to approach CCUS openly and critically.

Co-creation Technical Workshops

In co-creation with technology related stakeholders, collaborative workshops will be held to build a common level of understanding regarding technical issues associated with CO2 capture technologies. These will also support the optimal integration of CO2 capture technology with industrial emitters in the context of CCUS clusters. These will go from being smaller co-creation workshops to larger, international conferences where the projects results will be shared widely. This will also be an opportunity to hear from speakers from similar EU funded projects.