Ambition and Impact

C4U Ambition

Our ambition is to substantially reduce the enormous CO2 footprint of steel mills, which account for up to 8% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Indeed, the combined use of the C4U technologies can tackle up to 94% of the sources of CO2 in a steel mill, resulting in an overall CO2 emission reduction of 89%.

C4U Ambition

Breakdown of the contribution of iron and steel production to the CO2 emissions in Europe (a) and coverage of these sectors by C4U capture technologies (b) (based on data provided by Ecofys)

Our objectives

  • Elevate two CO2 capture technologies, known as DISPLACE and CASOH, from Technology Readiness Level 5 to Technology Readiness Level 7 & design for optimal integration in the steel industry;
  • Analyse the economic, environmental and business impacts and opportunities of applying CCUS in a large-scale (TRL9) steel plant in the North Sea Port industrial cluster;
  • Develop and test approaches with stakeholders and end-users to assess and advance societal readiness for CCUS in industrial clusters;
  • Ensure that the project’s results are exploited to the full extent and disseminated to relevant stakeholders to facilitate the large-scale rollout of CCUS.

The real world, long term impacts of the C4U project will be:

  • Successful demonstration of CO2 capture from industrial sources
  • Economic and safe demonstration of integrated CCUS value chain
  • Viable pathways to rollout CCUS in areas with high concentrations of CO2 emitting industries and nearby geological storage
Photo: Christophe Dion on Unsplash