On the 16th and 17th of February 2021, the C4U Project participated in the International Workshop on CO2 Capture and Utilization hosted virtually by Eindhoven University of Technology. The workshop was a collaborative effort between several Horizon 2020 projects running in parallel, with the aim of sharing the latest scientific results on CO2 capture and conversion.

The event comes amid a growing consensus in Europe that CO2 capture from energy intensive industries is crucial for limiting the human activity effects on climate change. In addition, CO2 is increasingly seen as a raw material that could be used to produce fuels or other commodity products. CO2 utilization represents a potential valorization pathway for the captured emissions. CO2 capture can be used to decarbonize heavy industry, such as the iron & steel sector, which supplies essential processed materials and products to cover society’s needs. This knowledge exchange event supports scientists, students, and industrial researchers to continue advancing the latest developments in this exciting field.

The C4U Project gave three presentations to share the latest developments from across all core aspects of the project – technology pilot demonstrations, integration of the technology into steel mills and CCUS clusters, and development of viable business models for implementation:

  1. System simulation for integration of CO2 capture technologies into steelworks and CCUS clusters – Vincenzo Spallina
  2. How can public policy and business model innovation be developed to address the challenges of CCUS and realise the opportunity? – Antonia Mattos and Amelia Mitchell
  3. Pilot preparation for demonstration in the C4U Project – Paul Cobden and Carlos Abanades

The presentations are now available online, and more information and more information about the workshop can be found on the dedicated website.