Below are links to the available public project deliverables.

First Period (1/4/2020 – 30/9/2021)

D7.1 Full Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of Results (PEDR) including success metrics
D7.5 Website and social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn)
D6.1 Report summarising findings from the literature review on CCUS risks and challenges, and radical innovation and market creation
D3.1 Report on assumptions, base case technology and methodology for the CO2 capture integration in the considered industrial application
D5.1 Submitted journal paper on just transitions and CCUS and how policy can include this
D6.2 Report summarising learnings from the UK
D7.3 Stakeholder-tailored engagement (workshops and meetings) and summary report

Second Period (1/10/2021 – 31/3/2023)

D2.4 Factory acceptance test results of the CASOH pilot
D4.2 CO2 pipeline operability and safety impacts
D4.10 Life cycle assessment of capture technologies
D2.5 Experimental results from the TRL7 CASOH pilot: screening test results and tuned reactor models
D4.11 Method to address technology scaling
D6.4 Report describing business model innovation framework design and scenario-analysis results
D3.4 Parametric performance of the C4U technologies for the cluster optimization
D4.3 Validation of the pipeline decompression flow model against experimental data
D4.8 Report on techno-economic evaluation of the 2030 North Sea Port cluster

Third Period (1/4/2023 – 31/3/2024)

D1.10 Public report on DISPLACE technology
D2.6 Experimental results of alternative reactor schemes for CASOH process
D5.3 Report on comparative analysis of industrial CCUS policy instrumentation
D6.5 Report describing short-listed business models in detail
D3.6 Techno-economic assessment of the C4U technologies within the steel plant
D5.4 Policy brief on how to incentivise CCUS in a societally acceptable way in industrial clusters
D7.4 Policy briefs on: how to incentivise CCUS in a societally acceptable way in industrial clusters
D7.6 Media articles
D4.6 Report on “Numerical study of the impact of impure CO2 on storage in a depleted gas field in the North Sea”
D4.9 Report on operational risks of the 2050 North Sea Port cluster
D4.12 Life cycle assessment and method to assess North Sea port cluster
D5.5 Final report on presenting a framework model for societal and business readiness and system dynamics around CCUS through just transitions in industrial clusters